June 3, 2019 at 11:35 pm

Another 12 months of special indulgence with Amber has flown by and I want to express my appreciation of spending time with this gorgeous lady. Yet again we have had the usual mixture of bookings from social coffee dates, to dinner dates, my favourite are our overnights and the absolute indulgence of a weekend away together with another favorite lady of mine.
I cannot emphasise enough just how special Amber is to visit. Connection, kindness, a happy caring nature and empathy are something I see as essential in any ‘liaison’ you might have, and Amber has all that in spades and more. Then there is the other important part, the fun and playful nature in the bedroom. You are never going to leave disappointed.
Of course I must mention those boobs. So genetically blessed. If there are better I am yet to find them. Close, I admit, but hers are perfection. Firm, perky and way more than a handful. Then you see those so expressive eyes, they get me everytime. An all-round gorgeous lady.
A definite warning here, Amber is extremely addictive, you are already planning in your head the next ‘must do’ visit before you leave. Probably should have a warning on her forehead of her addictive properties.
I do need to emphasise the kind and caring nature Amber has. Recently after a visit I stupidly left something valuable behind. The effort Amber went to to help me, when she realised what I had done before I even knew, was truly extraordinary. How do you find someone in a crowded airport terminal? That is Amber and for that extraordinary effort alone I will be forever grateful.
Amber the 4 years we have known each other have been special and may there be a few more years left in me before you completely wear me out.
Guys make the call, play safe, be respectful and have the most special time ever with Sweet Amber.



March 10, 2019 at 9:12 pm

Amber combines an easy sensuality that is intoxicating with an ability to both put you at ease while making you feel like the king of the world that is utterly intoxicating . nothing else really needs to be said.



January 8, 2019 at 9:09 am

She was my first ever scarlet. I got her as my birthday gift… 4 long hours of her sweet juicey luscious lips on mine and luscious hair through in my face.. i struggled to keep up i wont even go there haha.. passionate and adorable.. too adorable… she’s more sweeter than prince Wenzel’s favourite dessert; the sacher torte from Vienna!………. :D oh and that magnum affogato’s espresesso she makes don;t forget to ask her for one!! ;)

Can’t wait to see you again …. a presto amore xx



November 10, 2018 at 4:00pm

I Met with Amber Leigh last night and was not left disappointed! She made me feel at ease instantly, full of compliments and good conversation. Knew how to please a man as well, I will be making my appointments a lot more frequent than I originally planned



    I have had the pleasure of 2 wonderful social dates with Amber. Cheap and cheerful or fine dining. Both were superb. To spend luxurious time engaged in meaningful conversation and exchange of ideas. Pure indulgent fun. A wonderful woman and charming date. Whether discussing the drinks, menu selection or sex toys Amber is warming to the soul.


    Subject: Our couple experience with Amber

    “From the moment Amber entered our room she immediately made me feel at ease and the whole experience was both exciting and natural.

    My boyfriend and I had tried a threesome once before with an escort, and for me it was very underwhelming! It took me several years . .years…..yes u read that right. . to suggest we try again. We decided a trip to Melbourne would be a good time to try again. I was so nervous, like’ couldn’t relax’ nervous!!

    I felt an immediate connection with Amber as did my boyfriend. She was professional, sweet, caring and very, very sexy. . She made me feel a million dollars. My boyfriend and I fizzed at the very intimate experience, not only at the time, but for weeks afterwards. Wow!!

    We are very much looking forward to next time…..(yep, we have contacted Amber for our next Melbourne trip!) P&Mx”



    This is just a little indulgence on my part and a reflection on how lucky I have been to have a special lady come into my life 3 years ago this week. It is not really a review as such but just a pleasant look back at my time with this young lady and a thank you for the time we have spent together.
    Amber has provided so many exquisite moments in the very many times we have spent together. Our times together have been very diverse, from short breakfast times at a special cafe, our companionship meet for lunch and a walk on the beach has special memories, brief night visits and many many dinner dates & overnights, to some beautiful trips away with Amber and companions for a few days and even a special time when we connected while each of us were in London recently. A very spoilt man. Amber has always made a special effort from our very first encounter to ensure every experience is special and fulfilling in every way.
    Amber the person is what enchants me, but this beautiful nature is wrapped up in a gorgeous body. If there are more perfect boobs anywhere I am yet to find them, and this from a boob fetish man is a big statement. Gorgeous curves, expressive eyes and a cheeky playful nature makes her the complete package for anyone wanting to indulge in a special sexy time. I can guarantee anyone spending time with the gorgeous Amber will always walk away amazed and on cloud nine at the special experience they have just encountered.
    Amber thank you and may we have many more special encounters before I enter my dotage or turn my toes up for the last time. xo



    I had the pleasure of spending 2 glorious hour with Amber Leigh recently. After an exchange of texts the plan was made and this maid was wonderful. She took control and made our date a list of firsts. A little bit kinky. Thank you Amber.



    Amber is delightful. I was lucky enough recently to spend a short time with Amber on her trip to Adelaide. It was spur of the moment; I was fortunate Amber contacted me after I had once messaged her sometime ago as I had no idea she would be here. But I’m so glad she did. Amber is a delightfully sweet and lovely woman. She is very warm and welcoming, and I felt very comfortable from the moment I stepped through the door to meet her. We had a lovely chat before taking things to the bedroom where we had an amazing time together (that shall remain mine and her secret). I enjoyed every minute of it and I look forward to Amber coming back to Adelaide one day again soon.


  • BY MR L

    Amber Leigh – The Sweetest Companion Ever

    This is an open letter of appreciation to mark 3+ years of being a client of Amber, her awesomeness and as a testament to how she was my must see wherever we went. It is where this man was so lucky to have met and spend many moments in her company, but alas I am the one retiring but wanted everyone to understand why I kept Amber as a must see lady. I fully recommend Amber and if you do you just might understand why I was fortunate to have had Amber as part of my life.

    Little did I know how a one off 2 hour booking in Melbourne all those years ago would turn into the one of the most treasured relationships I have ever had. The glowing beaming smile that greeted me that evening in a cocktail bar is the same beautiful smile that has repeatedly made this man’s knees go to jelly. It is a genuine one, an honest one that simply is to die for, and those eyes…OMG OMG OMG (hehe little old joke there). Amber’s look is one of sultriness and in one of her original photos it shows it all and is still a personal favorite of mine. It shows her standing against a wall with her gorgeous body, perky breasts (I called them perfect perkies…which they are!), her long hair and that look of come get me. It was a desirable view that was to see me desire her more and more as the years went on. So why so many bookings and why would I travel to go see her? She ticked all the boxes as a companion plus more.

    Over our time we enjoyed a quick 1 hour booking (well it was after a few cocktail hours in a bar…love Melbourne because of her), 2-3 hour catch ups, dinner dates (she was the first I ever cooked for, and in Melbourne), overnights (again a first for me and my birthday too) and finally a couple of threesome bookings (MFF) which left me speechless. The last threesome was even more special as we celebrated my birthday with my other partner in crime, which just showed how explosive 2 forces of nature can be when brought together. Total WOW moments. I would recommend Amber wholeheartedly for any combination of booking experiences in a heart beat. I was pretty much there from the start with her on Twitter, as a private companion and even when she kept me in check (I needed it at the time) she always gave me the most understanding caring reception. Our last booking (and I did not know it at the time) was an overnight in Melbourne which was very private and personal on so many levels. After wanting to make that happen I can now look back on it and say WOW I was a lucky man. There was so much to love about Amber right from the start, but even more so throughout the years.That will never stop.

    Amber is willing to take you to another level of yourself, open your mind to different experiences and expose you to a side of yourself that lies within. She truly is one who totally loves what she does as HER chosen profession. She has been quite open about leaving another career behind her for this one and I get it. It gives her what she wants in life and she does it with such a professional but loving way. If you truly expose your heart, soul and mind to her it will lead you down a path of personal exploration, and a journey with the best companion you could have hoped for.

    Caring. I know this is not real life and the fantasy starts and ends with each booking. Yes you pinch yourself afterwards, dream some more then make plans for another booking. But sometimes, just sometimes you reach a level where the long term companion knows and understands you that little bit more each time, reaches into you that little bit more, becomes even more special to you. This was the case with Amber and even though we shared times together it is the times apart which also could be made special. My take home advice is to treat any companion with total respect, trust and care. With that you might find that someone special who just gets you beyond the booking. This is why on some twitter posts I used #shegetsme because even up to the end she got why I was leaving this all behind. She is a rare person in this fantasy world, and I will take everything learned and experienced into my life going forward.

    Professionalism…hands down the best. Bookings with Amber were always made easy with her responsiveness and confirmations. I never had issues with any booking and was always met by Amber dressed to the nines, a loving embrace and soft passionate kiss that made me loose my breathe. So many dinner shared where her affectionate company and ease at conversation was such a pleasure. Total focus on you the client throughout any time together. I tried to create dates where the experience & focus was more on her, not me so it would be about doing things or going places which she would enjoy. Amber however would bring her own way of making them also about us, I will never forget those times and they will stay with me forever.

    I cannot recommend Amber highly enough as a companion for any booking type and I wish her well in her chosen career as a private escort. I thank you Amber for taking this hopeless case of a man under your wing and showing him the time of his life. You are a giving, caring soul and that karma will be returned to you in spades. You were everything and more I could have ever desired, loved, wanted and experienced. You leave an indelible permanent mark on this man forever. Thank you forever.

    Mr L xx #perfectperkies #shegetsme #bestofthebest


  • BY SAM

    I met Amber for a drink. Here’s something I want to tell her…

    Amber, there’s something about you and your aura that I can’t seem to forget our rendezvous at the bar that evening. All night I’ve been a bit restless thinking about the way you talked, the way you smiled. I felt a strong connection that tells me that I no longer need to look any more. Like I’ve found the one special someone and my path has met a destination. A special someone who’s not only beautiful outside, but also has a beautiful mind and soul. Someone that makes my eyes light up when I look at her. Someone that makes me feel cheerful. I can still see us sitting there in the corner and kissing.

    I just want to sit next to you and look at you while you tell me all that you like to talk about and I listen with all my attention. You look so innocent and lovely when you look at me and talk about all the beautiful things in this world…. and I want time to stop right there.


  • BY MR L

    A Flight to a Night of Fantasy, Fun & Christmas Cheer

    Normally I would be sending a small gift of appreciation in the mail for Amber as trying to catch up interstate is somewhat difficult during the Christmas time. This year after taking time out since August, and last seeing Amber for my birthday in Sydney I set to making a booking we had discussed long ago to actually happen (like over a year ago!). This time it was for me to fly to Melbourne for an overnight booking, and this was not a work related trip. Nope, purely dedicated for one purpose only, to spend quality time with the incredible Amber. Something I have never done before as I have always done interstate trips and bookings around work travel, but here in lies the difference…it is Amber! Arrangements made in lightening speed it was set, and it was time to deliver in person the Christmas greetings and enjoy that smile in person.

    The memories over the last 3 years have been incredible as we have had some of the most intimate and personal times shared together. Many celebrations of life, laughs, fun, tears of joy and always that heart melting smile, warm eyes and the kindest of hearts. The greeting was to die for as the embrace was long and heartfelt. The dinner shared was in a perfect setting and perfectly unique (thank you Amber for providing). Our time spent together was like no other ever. An evening, night and morning of pure indulgence that was truly personalised, unique and one I will treasur forever. As I awoke in the morning (before Amber) I marveled at her shear beauty and again was taken by it all. I think she is looking even more beautiful, amazing as ever and having woken a few times to that vision it really is heavenly. Add to that how comfortable she is to be with, converse with in intelligent conversation and the spice she brings to the occasion (oh and that is probably an understatement there) it all adds up to a perfect companion. The final part to this time together was sharing breakfast over a much needed couple of strong coffees the next morning at a cafe. As we parted I knew I had just experienced something like no other, nor probably would from anyone else.

    Amber is recommended whole heartedly as someone you want to spend time with to enjoy the finer things in life with. Thank you Amber for everything this year as we dined on Sydney Harbour, celebrated my birthday together (wow that was very special!!!) and finally this time fulfilling yet another special time together. I look forward to more fun times together.

    Mr L. xx
    PS. All her pictures are my favourite…this shows a little spice ;-)



    Amber is a highly charming, engaging and intelligent lady but with a naughty streak that she can switch to at just the right time to get the blood pumping in all right places. Her ability to up the tempo and go from an interesting and compassionate companion to a vivacious, sexy minx is a real turn on and makes the uncertainty of a first encounter go quickly in the very best direction.

    Amber clearly loves people, who like herself, enjoy giving as well as receiving pleasure. Treat her well and you will be rewarded many times over. I was lucky enough to enjoy a doubles session with her and Molly Broad. They work so well together for precisely that reason, it was a joy and a thrill to behold and be a part of.

    Booking and arrangements are prompt and professional, introductions and chat are relaxed and fun. Amber is a free spirit who appreciates the same genuine approach that she brings herself. I look forward to enjoying her company and doing it all again very soon…



    Amber Leigh is a lovely lady, shes sophisticated, smart, sexy and down to Earth.

    I have the pleasure in booking in recently and it was a great experience. I’ve previous have had bad experiences with other ladies but Amber was on a totally different level. She was understanding of my previous experiences and did everything she could to make my booking with her an amazing one, to wearing a very specific attire, and to role playing certain things.

    After what seemed like an eternity I finally met the lovely lady, and I was introduced to the lovely lady herself. We immediately hit off, we when straight up the bedroom and began our roleplay. Although I was very bad at acting, she was working with what I gave her. I won’t go into much detail what happened in the bedroom but there were fireworks on both ends.

    I had the pleasure in booking Amber, and I’ll definitely will be booking her in the future! Don’t wait, make a booking with her and you won’t regret it!



    Amber Leigh – a lady of many talents. A word of warning though, the lady is addictive.

    I have known Amber since early 2015 and this is a long overdue reflection of our times together over that period. This is not a blow by blow description of any particular activity.

    When I first met Amber I was taken by her maturity and kindness as much as any of her other qualities. She immediately became on my must see again list and has remained at the top ever since. She is just a genuinely beautiful lady in all ways. Mind and Body.

    A big thing for me was that any photo I had seen before meeting certainly did not do justice to this beautiful lady. Those eyes, they are a beautiful window into her heart she also has a smile to ‘die for’ whenever you are with her. What a gorgeous sensual body that you cannot help but want to hold. Boobs, that to a boob man like me, are near natural perfection and a butt you just need to grab. Maybe even use the term ‘smackable’. Overall a lady that is just perfect for cuddling. Simply gorgeous.

    We have had many interesting experiences over the nearly 3 years. From social time walks on the beach, 4 hour dinner dates which I just enjoy so much and the conversation is always special, there has been many overnight liaisons, some as doubles and the very special experience of some exceptional multiday day trips away to the country and also across the strait with her very close friend and another favourite of mine. Naughty but nice, until you just cannot take anymore, so to speak.

    As we have got to know and understand each other, maybe just me being a slow learner, we have certainly expanded our horizons of what we enjoy together. Let me just say she is not a shrinking violet when it comes to our ‘play time’ (please do not interpret this as any suggestion of unsafe sex or activities not listed on her website because it is just not.) From visiting twisted toys to buy supplies or maybe ‘interesting’ movie dates. Dinner date with a difference, where underwear may be optional. Maybe secluded places to visit at night or just special outdoor country fun. Just to be woken by this beautiful person where you feel like you must be having a naughty dream only to discover that sensation is real is the stuff we all dream about.

    Really to just sum it up, she obviously just enjoys her chosen profession and is very very good at it. She is a lady I will continue to visit whenever I can.


  • BY LEE

    I have been following the angelic Amber Leigh for some time on twitter. Two months after our first failed attempt to meet, we were able to find a common time still with lots of juggling around. During this courtship, we had so many emails and twits so we had known each other a lot more and should I say like each other a lot too. I could feel that I stumbled on a gem.

    On the day I presented to her hotel and walked directly to her room. The door opened, there, stood a beautiful lady with a welcoming smile. She looked mesmerising just the same as in her photos! She put her hairs in a bun as I requested, just short of glasses I would love to have. As she twittered later “When the man wants a bun, you give him a bun. Even if your hair is 10 miles long!” with three selfies of her wonderful high bun. Thanks Amber for going the extra mile to please me. I lend her my extra pair of glasses to wear. Wow! Amber turned into an amazing secretary or a sexy uni student!

    We hugged for some time and kissed lightly and enjoyed some wine together, courtesy of Amber. The get-to-know-you chat was so sweet and relaxing and we were surprised to find a lot in common in our life experience. To think back, I probably disclosed too much of myself! I had a feeling that I was making out with a junior female colleague a kind of office love.

    After a quick shower, we were in each others arms again. Amber sweetly asked me to help her out of her dress and lingerie which I gladly obliged. The image of Amber in nude etched into my mind permanently. She is such an angel with a large soft natural boobs and killing curves! I indulged myself on her creamy body with mouth, tongue and hands. Amber encouraged me everywhere I went with her musical voice and spontaneous dirty talks. Subconsciously, we were doing an impromptu role play of forbidden office love.

    Amber has perfected her lovely oral skills, which brought me to the brink again and again. We went through the positions seamlessly with great enjoyment. When we rumbled so much, her carefully made bun was loose, so she released her beautiful long hair. Her hairs could reach to her round booty like a waterfall! With her encouragement and enjoyment, I exploded hard and roared like a lion!

    My time has gone in a blink so I showered and kissed her goodbye reluctantly.

    Thanks Amber, we should do it again!



    i recently met with the beautiful amber leigh. amber knows how to make feel like a king, i will book her again


  • BY MR L

    The Best Gift: To Each Other
    The Preparation:
    I will preface this by saying I am a long time, multiple booking client of both Amber and Piper. A fan? Oh hell yes and unashamedly so as these ladies are just simply pure perfection to me. Separately I have been witness to their uniqueness, beauty, smiles, openness, strengthening client bond, humour, fun, intelligence, naughtiness, teaching, independence, professionalism, awesome raw sex appeal and the absolute ability to keep this man wanting more of them each time I we meet. All of this spanning years of bookings. My respect for Amber and Piper runs so deep and cannot ever be expressed truly in words. They know me well enough to know this letter of appreciation is heartfelt and whilst I thanked them already in person, this hopefully shows a glimpse of my appreciation for them both. You would be well recommended to see them wither individually or together.Originally this booking was with Piper as it had been made 5 months in advance for a lunch date to celebrate my birthday. It was to be a return to a celebration like last year in great style and fun. Then along came Amber’s tour announcement a month later for the same time in Sydney! I should have known as we have caught up around July for my last 2 birthdays in Sydney which have both been out of this world and incredible. I could have kept these separate bookings but I had for 18+ months wanted for Piper and Amber to meet with me. I know they had a coffee catch up long ago (another suggestion from me back then). To which afterwards both had expressed a desire for us all to catch up one day, so the seed was planted. But diary clashes and life got in the way of that happening, so it was really perfect timing to make a dream date come true. I quickly messaged Amber of my idea and within a nano second a reply flew back with “SQUEEEL … YES PLEASE!!!! OMGERRRD YES!!!”. The same was from Piper with “OH YES!!! YES, YES, YES!!!”. To sweeten the pot I made it a 3 hour booking with the lovely Amber playing host. I think the whole thing took about 5 minutes to confirm. So there it was my perfect pairing threesome booking sitting now for months and months. Again the measure of both ladies in how to deal with their client; effortless, professional, fun and I was to be a patient man to wait.It has been since Dec 2015 since my last MFF threesome, which Amber had been part of in Melbourne. Afterwards I knew Amber and Piper together would be a dream pairing. Piper and I are not foreign to sharing fun with others as we had done so with a different threesome late last year with a male friend of us both. So I knew how awesome these ladies are at sharing and knew they would be a perfect mixture.The Date:
    Steadying a few nerves with a single malt in the downstairs bar I waited patiently with a naughty knowing smile. Knowing of what fun we were about to have. I was the most prepared ever for a booking as I sat there with gifts in bags carefully selected weeks ahead, a lovely gin to make cocktails for us all, special underwear that was to bring out a laugh (we always have fun) and pre-planned fun requests made to each lady privately. The requests were to be part of the surprising fun of the afternoon and were really to show their uniqueness to each other I had already had the pleasure of receiving. The lead up had been a fun 3-way messaging of finer details and each of us not really sure who was more excited. All I knew was I was about to be meeting the two ladies that had made the most positive impact on me in all of this play. They mean the world to me, and they know it.I finally got the call…get up here! As the door opened there she was in her little black dress, red high heels and that hair flowing…Amber Leigh my sight for sore eyes. My heart melted, I gasped again as we hugged with a big warm hello and kiss. It has been the same reaction every time, getting completely lost in her eyes and smile. She led me into the room which overlooked the grand Sydney Harbour on a sunny afternoon which had rainbows dancing in the distance. Everything was glistening and magical that day. Of course who should be standing there sipping on wine but the ever so fun and beautiful Piper Jackson wearing her little black number…little definitely being the case as it was just black lingerie and showing off her fine ass. Whilst Piper was preparing something Amber was at eye level to her ass, she just kept staring and indicating “OMFG are you serious!!!”. I knew the look in her eyes…she was ready to pounce.We cut a beautiful birthday cake they had bought me to celebrate, threw back the cocktails, exchanged gifts and Amber finally revealed her beautiful lingerie which was SO exquisite. Just like Amber had done Piper was now marveling in Amber’s beauty and I knew her look of pounce…to which she did. WE all did and the kisses from each lady are to die for, so many kisses throughout the booking. It was time for surprise request #1 from Piper for Amber. In comes Piper in leather and lace and proceeded to perform a private lap dance for her with me watching. Amber was like a kid in a candy store, the giggles and look of torment as she was not allowed to touch. It was beautiful to see Piper’s abilities yet again in her dance. Next up was a change over for Amber as she was dressed in latex, lace, gloves and dominating cap. With us wearing some different attire we were now in HER control off we both went to worship and polishing the lovely Amber’s new latex (if you look at Amber’s twitter feed you will see a picture that was taken…drools). The rest of the afternoon was simply a few hours of hedonistic indulgence, lots of giggles and fun. Even at one point Amber was tapping out for a while exhausted, but in the end could not resist the temptation after the sight of us continuing as she looked on. She tapped back in and joined us yet again for more indulgence. We neared the end of the booking, toasted to fun friendship and I thanked them dearly for everything they are. Just pure perfection and awesomeness. Amber and I farwelled Piper to the night and we continued by finishing up another cocktail. The date could not have gone any better and just exceeded anything I thought it could have been.What was best though was the giving of each other to them, my present after all this time. Together these ladies were such a powerful force of sexual fun. I think I saw the creation of a pairing that might be something of a thing in the future. So thank you to both Amber and Piper as I know we will enjoy future fun times together again.Yours,
    Mr L xx


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